Who is Turiya Gross Ceramics?

Born from an American father and a Mexican mother who were/are musicians, Turiya’s need to create with her hands began at a young age. Playing the piano, drawing trees in parks in a then tiny town in Mexico to whimsical imaginary portraits ( which have resurfaced most recently in her clay spoons) to name a few of her interests . She also loved experimenting with different fabrics to weave into scarves and making clothes . Her path in clay began in 2001 in The Wine Country Region of the Finger Lakes in Upstate New York where she attended a Craft Community: The Rochester Folk Art Guild.
Turiya Gross is a multidisciplinary artist based in the Bay Area. Her aesthetic is most identified by the white and blues of Turkish antiques and Mexican folk brushwork.


All works are made by hand or on the wheel and hand painted. Everything is microwave, food and dishwasher safe